Kitchen Hood Exhaust Cleaning (Seattle WA Area)
Licensed, Insured, Bonded & Certified

 Hood Cleaning Company in King County, WA

SafeHoods is a premier hood cleaning company serving Seattle and surrounding areas throughout King County and as far north as Everett and as far south as Tacoma.

Why choose SafeHoods?

When we at SafeHoods say “Our passion is quality SERVICE”, it means that you, our valued customer, are absolutely confident that our focus is entirely on creating, delivering, and maintaining a start to finish, seamless process suited to your particular hood cleaning and hood system maintenance needs. Our customers love that on every job, they can be assured of:

  • plenty of lead time for scheduling

  • our crew starting the work on time

  • no messes left behind…when your staff arrives after our service, everything will be work-ready for them

  • useful After Service Report, including:

    • clear before and after photos so you can see, at a glance, the work that has been completed

    • a well-organized 30-point inspection report providing details and suggestions

  • convenient fully-electronic tracking and communication from SafeHoods for quotes, appointments, After Service Reports, etc.

  • crew with the skills to provide not only fan servicing, but also fan and rooftop grease containment solution installations


SafeHoods is a certified hood cleaning company (as required by NFPA 96) and we are passionate about giving our customers the best service possible!  

For more information about our industry-leading hood cleaning company in King County, WA, call us today at 425-435-4444.