Commercial Hood Cleaning Services in King County, WA 

Welcome to SafeHoods, the market-leading commercial hood cleaning service in King County, WA. The team at SafeHoods are no strangers to the exhaust cleaning industry. We have been providing premier quality work to the greater King County area for several years. Our key objective is to deliver our professional services at the highest level. We work hard to build long-lasting, on-going relationships with our customers by providing all our clients with exactly what they need from us. 

Why Hood Cleaning Is Important 

It is of the utmost importance to keep your kitchen exhaust system well-maintained throughout the year. The most notable reason is fire prevention. Without proper cleaning and maintenance, grease can build up quickly, potentially resulting in a fire. Grease vapor from cooking may also begin to collect in the ductwork. With kitchens consistently utilizing high temperatures for cooking, this grease buildup can ignite, causing fire to spread throughout the ventilation system. Scheduling a routine kitchen exhaust system cleaning will keep you, your employees, and your customers safe. Don’t put off scheduling your commercial hood cleaning service. Give yourself the peace of mind that your establishment is in safe working order. 

What Our Services Encompass 

We provide a full-service cleaning of the hood, fan, and all the ductwork within the confines of your facilities. We use specialized cleaning agents, along with premium tools and equipment, to safely remove grease and other contaminants. Our quality work ensures that you stay in compliance with NFPA 96. We also completely wipe down and polish the hood. Our licensed and certified technicians carefully inspect your facilities to be sure it is ready to operate. In addition to our cleaning services, we offer maintenance and repair services as well. 

For more information regarding our commercial hood cleaning services in King County, contact our team today